Introduction to Play for Java Developers

Play is a next-generation MVC framework for Java and Scala developers.

Play shares a lot in common with other MVC frameworks on the JVM, but peek under the hood and you'll discover a radically different approach to critical concerns as concurrency, consistency, and resiliency. This training is the perfect introduction to Play and the power of asynchronous, non-blocking web frameworks.

Program Overview

This program focuses on the core features of Play. This is the perfect introduction to Play for developers who build mission-critical, web-facing enterprise systems that must be scalable and resilient under all circumstances, including network and hardware failures.

What to expect

This is a 3 day hands-on program with a strong emphasis on participation. Developers will require access to a laptop along with internet connectivity to participate. We will provide all of the required dependencies to follow along with exercises during program delivery.


  • Lightbend Reactive Platform Overview
    • Introducing how Play fits into modern distributed web-facing system architectures
  • Core Java 8 features for Play developers
    • Overview of Java 8
    • Lambda syntax
    • Collections API
    • Functional Java; Option<T> and pattern matching with Javaslang
  • Core Play features
    • Controllers, routes, actions
    • Templates
    • Simple forms, form validation
    • Dependency injection, modules
    • Filters
  • Build system
    • sbt (for builds)
    • sbt-web (for asset pipelines)
  • Persistence
    • Ebean, jOOQ
  • Services
    • JSON
    • Calling services, exposing services
    • Circuit breakers
  • Scope
    • Statelessness
    • Session and flash scopes
    • Redirects, forwards
  • Testing
    • Controllers, routes, actions


This is an introductory course suitable for developers with a solid understanding of Java 8, including the new collections API, streams, and lambda syntax. Key features of Java 8 will also be covered as a refresher.

The cirriculum is purpose-designed with the enterprise Java developer in mind, so previous experience with another MVC framework for the JVM such as Spring or JEE is recommended.

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