We have deep experience in open source software as well as enterprise software. We can help companies of all sizes embrace a tech-centric culture.

Our specialty is bringing the open source culture and approach to traditional enterprises. Traditional methods of employee retention and recruitment are long-gone; we can show you a different path to building teams of engaged developers who love what they do.

Our Capabilities

Below is a description of some of the technical areas of expertise we can advise on in the technology space.

Open Source

We can help your organization craft open source contribution policies, as well as determine the best way to operationalize a culture around open source. Companies like Netflix, Zalando, and LinkedIn have used open source projects as a rich avenue for employee engagement and recruiting.


Community groups - such as those found on Meetup - can be a great way for technical leaders within your organization to stay connected to the pulse of developers in your locale. Better yet, you can bring that culture into your organization by hosting events. Using our experience in open source evangelism, we can advise on the best way to engage with the developer community in ways that are beneficial to your organization and the development community.

Code Culture

We’re entering an era when companies like WhatsApp only need 50 engineers to support 900 million users. This is no accident; this radical productivity is the result of properly applying modern technology to modern opportunities. We can help bring this approach to your enterprise using techniques such as Google Code Culture, using this techniques as a framework to advise you on ways to leverage the technology in the market and the talent within your organization.

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