The pace of innovation in FinTech continues to disrupt the status quo. Move beyond the hype, and what you discover are two major trends; a move towards real-time systems, and a move to harnessing the full power of data to make better business and investment decisions.

RedElastic has deep experience in Wealth Management and Capital Markets. We can bring this domain experience, along with our experience in the startup tech sector, to help plan a transformation of your heritage systems towards real-time systems.

Our Capabilities

Below is a description of some of the technical areas of expertise we can advise on in the finance space.


Stream processing is a critical capability for any financial services organization competiting for value today. Batch systems that generate reports overnight are being replaced by real-time dashboards. Complex Event Processing (CEP) systems are being migrated to cloud infrastructure to adapt to any situation and workload on-demand. Soon we may even see venerable back-end systems like SWIFT being rethought of as a stream of transactions on the blockchain. Let us show you how to consume and produce streams of data, helping you to transition to a fully real-time organization.

Big Data

If streams represent fast data, big data is the other critical aspect of your overall data strategy. Any technology company can more or less reproduce typical banking software with relative ease, but fintech startups cannot reproduce the volume and value of data that traditional banks possess. Traditional banks must learn to harness this data in new ways, without limitations, and make it a key aspect of their overall strategy. RedElastic can advise on the balance between fast data and big data and how to unify those strategies to generate tremendous business value.

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