The concepts of Reactive Application Development and Design (RADD) have proven themselves to drive incredible business value in e-commerce. Learn how to apply these concepts to your unique business needs.

2016 marked a major milestone for e-commerce retailers. For the first time, online shoppers racked up more sales than in-store shoppers on Black Friday. At the same time, retailers are publishing how every millisecond affects the bottom line. Moving into 2017, retailers must be equipped with best-in-breed tools to deliver fast and consistent user experiences demanded by shoppers.

Our Capabilities

Below is a description of some of the technical areas of expertise we can advise on in the e-commerce space.


One of the most critical pieces of architecture is a robust API gateway that handle all aspects of customer-facing interaction, from sudden bursts of traffic to the outages of downstream services. We have experience building gateways to handle any and all situations that the largest eCommerce platforms must handle gracefully.


The defining and differentiating factor of enterprise eCommerce platforms is the quality and care in which various open source and proprietary systems are integrated. For instance, are you a retailer with a current dependency on ATG and Endeca, but wish to explore the principles of Reactive Application Development and Design in order to ensure consistent performance and guaranteed uptime? We can advise on how the principles of RAD/D have been used to radically increase conversions.


In the world of commerce, nothing is linear. A marketing campaign may drive a spike of traffic to your site, or any number of real-world situations that online retailers must handle every day. Through our techniques and technologies, we can set your eCommerce platform up to deal with any situation that may be thrown at it, from a spike of traffic that was not predicted to your latest marketing campaign going viral. It’s often when dealing with the most unexpected conditions when the most business opportunities exist.


Imagine an eCommerce platform so flexible that provisioning hundreds of new servers happens in real-time based on overall system demand. Now imagine a platform so resilient that such a flexible topology can guarantee that the failure of a single VM, node, or data center is completely isolated and not able to negatively affect the entire system in a negative way. Take these goals to the next logical step and you have a system that can recover from failure within seconds. RedElastic can show you how to implement such a system it based on real-world experience with other online retailers.

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