Consulting & Development Services

We offer a range of services to enable your teams to achieve their best results on the latest technologies. We are experts in the field of Reactive Application Design and Development and can radically accelerate your team's productivity.


Consulting is our core competency. We offer on-tap mentorship, advisory-level architecture experience, and customized training programs to enable your teams. An early engagement with RedElastic on reactive systems analysis and design will help your teams at critical inflection points in your projects.

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We offer development services based out of our offices in Toronto, Canada. We can help augment your team on short-term engagements (under 12 weeks) by providing remote development services such as code reviews, code of architectural significance, performance tuning, and operational support.

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We offer expert-level advisory, analytic, and architectural services to a select group of clients in North America and beyond. Most of our business is through referrals.

Our consulting services are based on collaborative relationships with all members of your team, including business analysts, project managers, architects, developers, and operations.

We believe that success must start with the customer and work backwards towards final delivery. For that reason, our consulting engagements are framed around Domain-Driven Design in order to understand the full context of your business domain, and the sub-context of your project.

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We take on high-impact development work from our downtown Toronto offices. Our work will set the stage for your future success with all reactive technologies.

We work with companies around the globe to produce platform, service, and systems-level code to be leveraged along with consulting and training as an accelerator for your team. We deliver more than just code — we deliver the best-practices and processes that will carry your team forward for the months and years to come.


In order to maintain our high standards of quality in everything that RedElastic commits to, a development engagement must be qualified through a preliminary training or short-term consulting engagement.


We begin all development engagements by first assessing your:

  • Development processes
    • How projects and products are scoped, estimated, and delivered
  • Quality assurance practices, including
    • Unit and integration testing
    • Destructive testing
    • Stress, load, and latency testing
  • Operational environments
    • Pre-prod, prod — configuration and day-to-day operations
    • Ability to handle scale-out, scale-in
    • Ability to handle failure of VMs, nodes, availability zones
    • Monitoring, logging, and alerting


We do not focus solely on code. Our goal is to advise you on all aspects of delivery based on our combined decades of experience delivering reactive solutions at the highest levels.

If your team is looking for staff augmentation services, contact us for a referral to one of our trusted Systems Integrator partners.

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