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Scala Italy 2017: Scala is the Next Scala

May 13, 2017

Kevin Webber from RedElastic was proud to have been invited to Italy to give the keynote speech at Scala Italy 2017. There really couldn’t have been a more beautiful venue and wonderful hosts to bring the Italian Scala community together.

In this talk we discussed the key reasons why Scala will likely remain a specialized programming language, and why becoming The Next Java isn’t what the Scala community needs in order to continue fostering a vibrant community, culture, and ecosystem.

The Rule Of Least Power is the philosophy of using the least powerful technology capable of solving a given problem, which is the philosophy that lead to the development of modern generalist languages like Google’s Go. Even more profound are the changes to modern systems architectures; today, a modern system might be composed of tens or hundreds of discrete services. No longer do teams need to choose a single language to accomplish the difficult task of launching a production-grade system, now teams can be very specific about which language is best suited to an individual component of a system. These trends in software development takes the pressure off of Scala to become The Next Java, which gives the Scala community the opportunity to focus on the essence of what makes Scala unique, and why it might be the language of choice to leverage against the most exciting opportunities in your business.

Drawing on almost ten years of Scala experience, along with meeting hundreds of technology leaders who are using Scala on mission-critical projects, Kevin will draw on these experiences to discuss the past of Scala and where the language and ecosystem may evolve to over the next decade.

  • Learn about common objections to adopting Scala and how to overcome misguided objections.
  • Learn about some reasons why Scala may not be the right choice for you or your team.
  • Hear ‘Tales From The Field’ from someone who travelled the world and discussed Scala with hundreds of companies.

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