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Migrating Java to the Cloud (from O'Reilly)

November 1, 2017

Cloud spending continues to outpace overall IT spending; according to 451 Global Digital Infrastructure Alliance, a majority of enterprises surveyed are in two phases of cloud adoption; Initial Implementation (31%) or Broad Implementation (29%).

There are three major pillars of success for cloud adoption:

  1. Infrastructure refresh – first, companies must decide on and commit to a cloud-native approach to operations
  2. Application modernization and migration – once the operational approach is decided, applications need to be refresh for a cloud environment, and new development projects need to be cloud-native from the beginning
  3. Security audit and refresh – security is an often overlooked but vital component of a modernization effort

This book from O’Reilly deeply expands on the above concepts by exploring how to migrate classical Java applications from legacy infrastructure – such as application containers – to their newly provisioned cloud infrastructure. The ultimate objective of this book is to show a path to the cloud without requiring a significant rewrite of heritage applications.

This book covers three major topics:

  • Application modernization and migration of enterprise Java systems using key components of the Lightbend Reactive Platform and Akka
  • Management of cloud-platforms using Kubernetes and DC/OS
  • High-level security considerations that must be woven into every aspect of a cloud migration plan

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About DC/OS

DC/OS is a “distributed operating system”, bringing a much higher-level of control over lower level cloud constructs such as Kubernetes and containers. For our enterprise friends considering a cloud-native deployment we highly recommend investigating DC/OS.

Special thanks to Mesosphere, creators of DC/OS, for sponsoring this free book!

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