What's happening at RedElastic?

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February 12, 2019Learning

Reactive in Practice

RedElastic teams up with IBM Developer to deliver a modern interpretation of IBM's Stock Trader application.

October 26, 2018Conference

Reactive Summit 2018: Operationalizing Data Science

Learn how to turn the hard work of your data science team into a production-ready machine learning system that scales.

November 1, 2017Learning

Migrating Java to the Cloud (from O'Reilly)

Learn how to prepare your Java applications for the cloud. Enjoy this complimentary mini-book by Kevin Webber from O'Reilly!

October 19, 2017Conference

Reactive Summit 2017: The First Mile

Leverage a reactive style of development for heritage modernization projects. Let us show you the first few steps that technical leadership should take.

May 25, 2017Learning

Hands-on Reactive Microservices with RedElastic Commerce

A reactive twist on a basic e-commerce site to showcase reactive principles such as clusters, sharding, and event-sourcing.

May 13, 2017Conference

Scala Italy 2017: Scala is the Next Scala

Scala is a unique language, community, and ecosystem. Learn what makes it unique and why you should consider adopting it.

April 26, 2017Meetup

Refactoring Legacy Java Apps with Akka Cluster and DC/OS

Adopting an event-driven, event-sourced style of development is easier than most people think. Let us show you how.

February 28, 2017Learning

The Enterprise Architect’s Intro to Microservices

Kevin Webber teams up with Jonas Bonér -- the creator of Akka -- to explore enterprise modernization. Lightbend's most popular webinar series of 2016!