Work with RedElastic to create fully reactive event-driven systems for your business that are fail-proof, scalable, and able to turn vast quantities of data into actionable insights.

Full-Stack Development

RedElastic can provide a complete cross-functional team for your next project, working near-site or blended with your team on-site. We build event-driven, reactive systems from the ground up using tools such as Aurelia and React along with the guiding principles of Domain-Driven Design.

RedElastic can advise on all aspects of software development, starting with crafting fully reactive, event-driven user interfaces that will stand the test of time. This helps us design end-to-end solutions that are fast, resilient, and maintainable. Work with RedElastic on a full-stack engagement to:

  • Gain internal capacity by blending your team with ours, while also ensuring that the right decisions are made at each critical inflection point so the goals of your leadership are met
  • Leverage our expertise with the latest front-end technologies such as React and Aurelia, all the way down into event-driven, reactive middleware, and fast/big data solutions
  • Ensure the first-principles of distributed systems guide the foundation of your system; we believe in “principles-first” to craft systems that can achieve linear scale and zero downtime, regardless of the specific tools chosen

Reactive Systems

Enterprise software requires deep understanding of edge cases, from how systems scale in near real-time, to how systems behave during network and hardware failures. RedElastic follows the principles of reactive systems design to ensure that your systems are responsive, scalable, and resilient at all times, even during spikes of traffic or server failure.

RedElastic has deep experience building responsive, reactive systems. We’ve presented at conferences around the world about building systems at enterprise scale. We have recognized expertise with tools including the Play framework, Akka, Kafka, and DC/OS.

Work with RedElastic to:

  • Bring our battle-tested experience into your teams, ensuring that all edge-cases are covered
  • Blend with your operations team to assist with all aspects of production readiness, from fault-tolerance to scalability
  • Mentor your teams through our training programs, proof of concept offering, and blended-team development services

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Big Data

We can help you gain real-time knowledge from petabytes of data-at-rest and from millions of transactions per second of streaming data. Work with us to move away from static reports by moving real-time knowledge into your core applications.

We’re especially passionate about converting static reports to real-time systems using techniques from CEP (Complex Event Processing) along with technologies such as Akka Streams. Work with RedElastic to:

  • Convert your legacy reporting systems into real-time dashboards using technologies like FDP (Fast Data Platform) from Lightbend
  • Cover all integration scenarios no matter how complex; from integrating with legacy Java platforms to mainframe systems
  • Combine production-grade data processing systems with machine learning to help you build the next generation of intelligent systems

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