RedElastic is a boutique software consulting firm specializing in the modernization of heritage systems.

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The concepts of Reactive Application Development and Design (RADD) have proven themselves to drive incredible business value in e-commerce. Learn how to apply these concepts to your unique business needs.

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We can help you leverage best-in-breed technologies in the field of stream processing, big data, and reactive programming, while also preparing your leadership for the future by advising on emerging technology topics such as blockchain.

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Modern technology platforms must be resilient against all failure, from data center outages to network splits. We have real world systems-level implementation experience on the most demanding of technology platforms.

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We don't stop at technology. We empower trainers and advocates within your organization.

Our goal at RedElastic is to empower your people. Our success together comes from us providing the tools to unlock hidden talent within your organization; we measure our success by your success.

At the heart of a RedElastic engagement is a focus on sharing knowledge. We’ll transform your culture to help information flow through your teams by introducing proven tools and techniques. Our mission is to inspire the formation of learning cultures that continue beyond our engagement.

Goals of your Leadership

We are dedicated to making the goals of your leadership a reality. We start with a focus on your goals, and help you create a complete map to get there. We don’t stop with technology; we will help reshape your teams, tools, and processes to deliver on the goals of your leadership both now and in the future.

Partnering with the best

We are with you every step of the way. Our engagements are focused on enabling your leaders and your teams to build the capabilities to continue to out-perform expectations by meeting your users’ ever-increasing demands in usability, performance, and availability.

Technologies we work with


Play is a modern, efficient, cloud-ready web-server with a strong focus on developer productivity.


Akka is a distributed computing toolkit that brings resilience and elasticity to the JVM.


Spark is a general-purpose data-processing and streaming engine used to process massive datasets.


Scala is a hybrid object-oriented and functional language, bringing the best aspects of both approaches to help developers craft elegant software.


Java is the most popular programming language in the world. Java 8 improves the language to help you build even more reliable systems, more efficiently.


Kafka is a distributed streaming platform used to build real time data-pipelines between your services.